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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you still puzzled with all the details?  Don’t worry, we have gathered common questions that we have encountered when we purchase houses.  Please examine the following questions.  If things are still fuzzy, feel free to call us or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we can answer your questions once we receive your call or inquiry.

Will you be posting my house on the MLS or purchasing it?

Excellent Question. We are expert home buyers. We purchase houses in Richland Hill and surrounding communities that meet our purchase criteria.  We are not real estate brokers and do not post your house on the MLS. We also do not require any fees or commissions. We will give you a reasonable cash offer within a couple hours from our first communication with you.  From there, we will get title ready to close and can get closed as soon as your ready.

Real estate agents will place your house in a listing, generally with a 6 month contract and charge hefty fees when the house closes. They cannot tell you if and when your property will sell, or how much money your house will wind up selling for.  It might take as long as a month or it could take multiple months if it sells at all during the 6 month contract.  Most agents will require you to make home improvements to get ready to show it to potential buyers. It may cost you money and additional burden and effort.  You have to guarantee that the house is always tidy and ready to show whenever a buyers agent calls to bring someone to see the house.  Then they will ask you to leave so they can come roam around in your house.  Once you have an offer they will have an inspection period of around 10 days where they will send inspectors in to find all of the things that are wrong with the house even though you just finished fixing everything you thought would be a problem.  (Inspectors job is to find something wrong so that their client doesn’t think they didn’t do a thorough inspection).  Then the buyers will ask you to fix more stuff that came up on the inspection.  Once you get past that, they will have around 21 days to let you know if they were able to get financing otherwise they can cancel the contract and get their earnest money back, leaving you back at square one to find another buyer and make another mortgage payment.

If you want to bypass all of this hassle, give us a call or fill out the form below, and we will make this simple for you!

Do you pay fair prices for houses?

Many of the properties we purchase are at wholesale prices, as-is, with no repairs required to close. We make all repairs and updates to the house and then sell the house to first time home buyer families usually with owner financing or through one of our mortgage brokers who help them get bank financing in place.  With repairs and closing cost that we will incur throughout the process, we do seek to get a reasonable discount on a property in order to make everything work.  But, in our experience, many sellers are not assuming a tremendous jackpot on the house, but instead acknowledge that we can offer cash, no waiting game and no time and effort is needed on your part to fix the property or provide payments for agents fees.  If you are interested in a fair wholesale priced offer and want to skip the frustration, pain, and time it takes to sell traditionally, give a call and lets see if we can create a win-win solution.


Do you pay retail for houses?

There are a few instances when we can pay full market value for a house.  It is, however, usually not a full cash offer and so there would be some creative financing that would have to be figured out.  Please call us to find out more about how we can help structure deals where you may owe as much as the house is worth.


Can you assist me if I am in foreclosure?

Of course, we can!  We understand all of the foreclosure process and can show you how we can stop the foreclosure before the sale date where your house will be sold at your county’s court house.  Most county’s hold the foreclosure sale on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  If you are able to get us involved before this date, we will have a great chance of saving your house from being sold out from under you, leaving you without a home as well as with nothing for the equity you have in your house and destroying your credit for years.   If you are facing foreclosure please call ASAP for a free no obligation consultation with our specialist over the phone who can get some basic info and give you a viable solution that will allow you to take control and come away much better off.

If you are in foreclosure, you need to make a move now and contact us.  Time is not on your side.  Give us a call right now!

What if my house gets foreclosed?

Sadly, once the sale date has passed, there is not much that we can do.  There is some instances where the bank postpones the sale and you have a couple more weeks to get it fixed but this does not happen often.  Once the sale has happened they will send you a letter letting you know when you are to vacate the house.  If you do not have your things out of the house on that date, they will send a sheriff’s depute or constable and a lock smith to remove your things and change the locks on the house.   A foreclosure will stay on your credit for seven years.

How do you decide the price to offer on my house?

Integrity All Cash Home Buyers consider several factors when deciding a fair cash offer.  As well as obtaining a comparable sales analysis, we will also analyze repairs during our visit to your house and go over any other questions we may have.  We generally have already driven around your neighborhood to get an idea of the good things as well as the challenging things about selling a house in the area. Then we will chat with you about how we can structure the deal and a price that will work for the both of us.


Do you have any charges or commissions when we work with you?

We are different from the usual process of selling your house in Richland Hills: NO CHARGES OR COMMISSIONS once you sell your property. We will make an offer, and if it is a fit, then we will purchase your house.  In most cases we can pay for all the closing costs.  No pressure.  No hidden charges.

Again, we earn by taking the risk to purchase the house with our cash, improve the property, and market it ourselves to find a buyer.


What do you mean when you say we buy a house as-is?

One of the biggest dilemmas with selling a house fast is getting  the house ready to sell.  For anyone who has to get a bank loan to buy your house, the bank will require an inspection to be sure the house is in good working order and there is no repairs needed that can make the house worth less than they are going to pay for the house.  So, the house has to qualify for a bank loan.  If you are in a rush, or cash is short, repairing the property can make a real issue for you.  But if you do not repair problem areas, it will be tough to sell it.  New owners do not want to purchase a house that requires repairs, cleaning, or lots of work. It is where we can assist you.

We buy your property As-Is.  That means you do not have to do anything to the house because we will not be using a bank loan and there will be no inspection done, other than us assessing repairs to decide what we can pay for the house.  Once we have an agreement we are prepared to do all repairs and we can pay cash for the house so it allows you to be cashed out with the repairs still needing to be done.


How quick can Integrity All Cash Home Buyers purchase my house?

Our knowledge and means give us the capability to purchase your house in as little as a few days.  If you have title issues we can still close.   We are very  knowlegable on how to fix tricky title issues.  Just let us know what the problem is and we will figure out a fix or work around.


What kind of homeowners usually sell their house to Integrity All Cash Home Buyers?

Home owners from all around Richland Hill sell houses to Integrity All Cash Home Buyers for various reasons, such as:

  • Unable to put time or money into fixing a house so they can it sell to a bank financed retail buyer
  • Wanting to sell an acquired property that they dont live in quickly
  • Behind on mortgage payments or experiencing foreclosure
  • Landlords that don’t want to deal with bad tenants anymore
  • Facing a marital issue like divorce
  • Moving to another place for a new job or downsizing
  • Have tried to sell a house with a Realtor and it’s not working
  • Trying to sell a house with not enough equity to pay closing costs

The most typical characteristic of homeowners we purchase houses from is the need to sell a house quickly to a cash home buyer that can guarantee a quick, stress-free sale with no repairs.

Do I have any obligations when I submit my details?

The answer is NO. You have zero obligation once you pass your information to us. Once you tell us a bit about your home, we will take a look at things, maybe schedule a call with you to find out a bit more, and make you an all-cash offer that is right for you and right for us. From there, it is your full decision on whether or not you would like to sell your house to us.  And we will not bother you or annoy you with more calls if you decide not to sell your house to us.  It is your decision, and we will let you decide what is best for you and respect your decision.

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